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Hi my name is Kim. I am a sufferer of fibromyalgia I have had this for the last few years . I also have Arthuritis in my knee and back and suffer terribly with my shoulders. When I get stressed by body reacts to sevire muscle tension. Even when I don't think I am stressed my body tells me different . Now 4 treatments ago I was introduced to the lovely Annette who is a pleasure to of met . I am trying all the massage treatment s which are absolutely amazing . And for the whole time I am in Annette s hands I feel that only me matters ,no one else matters in this time ⯑ x as a fibro sufferer I come away feeling released and my body is not throbbing from head to toe I come home and rest for 2 days. I try and keep this free feeling for as long as i can . Each week is better and Annette will always ask if any places hurt to much before she touches . Annette is an angel for me and my fibro plus other health issues . Just to feel better for a few days through out the week makes life that little easier x I would highly recommend any fibro sufferer to give her a ring and give any massage a go . . U won't look back xx thank you Annette xx
Kim Gooderham, Oct 2017
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WedBeDo, Feb 2017
I went for back massage yesterday i have had lots of different people over time but can honestly say that was by far the best. She listened to what i wanted and did everything and more i feel amazing today and will definitely be returning for another would highly recommend absolutely amazing thanku xx
Hayley, Mar 2015
I have cancer of the esophagus with a 7cm tumor and cancer of the liver. I am 54 years old and was in excellent health prior to the cancer. I had no early symptoms and from the first symptom to diagnosis of terminal cancer was just 6 weeks. I have been given a maximum of 12 months to live depending on my response to chemo.
I have been receiving daily energy every evening. I find a quiet and comfortable room with no distractions.
After a few minutes of the healing commencing I feel a small ball of heat in the exact area of my tumor, this feels very relaxing, at his point I can see the tumor in my mind, it looks exactly like a hand held sparkler on bonfire night, as the sparkler burns smaller the heat spreads throughout my chest, any pain I have in my chest gets less and less.
After about 5 minutes the sparkler goes out and my whole chest feels warm and comforting. At this point I become aware that all tension in my head has gone and my whole body feels relaxed, I spend the rest of the session in a state of complete peace and contentment.
At no point do I feel the need to sleep.
With re-connective healing I get more of a total body experience, it feels like something moving around my body which spends longer in the areas where I have pain or discomfort.

* Casey passed away in August 2014 after a brave fight and is missed greatly by his family and friends. *
Casey, Feb 2014
Hi Annette,
I have just walked through the door and felt compelled to let you know.....My massage today was, again, Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The whole experince was great and I feel really good and so much more relaxed than I was arriving at yours! Work is so stressful at the moment and I don’t make time to come for my treatments as regularly as I should. It always helps me unwind and think more clearly. Your skilful floor treatment today reminded me again why I come to see you!!!
Matt, Dec 2013
My body is marvellous today. Pain free – Note: PAIN FREE – neck feels wonderful and my hips are perfectly aligned. My shoulders are the same height too. I can’t stop smiling and talking about it. You are my Angel and one talented lady.
Karen, Dec 2013
Hi Annette, Just wanted to say thankyou again for the massage, it was wonderful xxxxx
Caroline, Nov 2013
I first had a massage from Annette in June 2012 because I suffer from Scoliosis (a curved spine) and it was suggested I try massage to help relieve my backache and general body fatigue. After just one hour of massage I felt so incredible I almost fainted with pleasure. Annette is very skilled, knowledgeable, caring, and understanding. I don’t know how she does it – there must be some magic in those hands and arms of hers. The “feel-good” factor often lasts for many day and makes me feel ”alive”. Needless to say I am now hooked on her massages and have become a regular client. If you are prepared to give yourself completely - mind and body, you will get the best results. She’s fantastic and I love her – I think you will too.
Andy, Jun 2013
Annette is a very talented practitioner with a wealth of experience and training who would be ideal for your first massage, if you are contemplating dipping your toe in the water, or if you are an experienced user of alternative therapies, I equally guarantee you will not be disappointed!

If you fall in the latter category, I would highly recommend going for a 2 hour fusion session where Annette will practice a wide variety of different therapies on you that just flow and take you to another planet. Annette has a complex skill set and will give your body a really good work out - beats going to the gym any time! I always sleep incredibly well afterwards and wake up really energized the following morning - just the best feeling in the world, so go try!
, Feb 2013
I had the DORN treatmet for a back and leg problem. Since being treated by Annette I have found that the pain has gone away and I have free movement, thank you
Neil, May 2011
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